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PHP Backend Development Engineer+WordPress

Job responsibilities:

Demand analysis: Understand the functions and applications of similar products in the market, compare the advantages and disadvantages of similar products, understand and analyze customer needs, define product usability requirements and use scenarios, and determine the direction of product technology development;

Product Planning: Assist product managers and project managers to complete product life cycle management, product master planning and design, define product functions, database storage design, etc.

Module and Function Design: Write module functions, use cases, processes, etc. Write outline design, write detailed design, use modeling tools for database design, class design, and develop test plans.

Organizational development: Organize development team to develop technology according to project plan;

Quality Assurance: Responsible for formulating quality assurance plan, completing the final user experience and quality assurance of products;

Communication and coordination: Responsible for project-related coordination with other departments and other product line employees;

Daily maintenance: responsible for the technical maintenance of the company’s operating platform.


1. Proficient in using HTML/CSS, can independently develop design drawings to static code;

2. Proficient in PHP, familiar with mainstream development frameworks such as WordPress, ThinkPHP, etc.

3. Proficient application of JS front-end development framework such as jQuery can independently achieve general interaction effects and functions;

4. Familiar with LAMP development environment;

5. Familiar with MySQL;

6. Familiar with RESTful style interface design, with product design ideas;

7. Good document writing ability, logical analysis ability, learning ability and innovation ability, team spirit, good language expression and communication ability.

8. WordPress-based website or plug-in development experience is preferred.